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Welcome to zero_twitter

Here you will find D'espairsRay bassist Zero's Twitter "tweets" as translated by crimson_deity and thata23! We're an open community, but all translations are friend's only. Please take a moment to read over the rules before joining!

Helpful Posts

+Rules and Welcome Post [public]
+"Zero-isms" and Twitter/Japanese Slang [f-locked]




1) Don't distribute the translations outside of this community
Tweets may be short, but Zero is rather prolific when it comes to tweeting many, MANY times a day. We're both working hard to bring you all of them in English, and while we're happy to do it, we aren't being paid and it is at the expense of our free time. Moreover, neither of us is completely fluent in Japanese yet, so there is always the chance that there might be a translation mistake here or there. We'd like to keep the translations here in the community so that a simple mistranslation doesn't start a completely unfounded rumor and lead to a complete mess. If you would like to translate our English translations into another language to be posted elsewhere (or repost our translations for any other reason), please contact both translators to get permission.

2) No drama, no fighting
Simply put, this is a drama-free zone. Please don't start fights with one another in comments. If you simply must fight, take it outside: there are plenty of -other- venues for pointless bickering on the internet and this community doesn't need to become one. After all, we're here because we want to share the amusing things Zero tweets about with you, not babysit you. Please respect one another's opinions and understand that not everyone here is at the same level of English fluency, so what may seem offensive at first may in reality just be a simple English mistake! In the event that something someone else says does deeply offend you or make you uncomfortable, or someone has been trying to pick fights with you, please message a mod.

3) If you spot a mistake or have something you'd like to contribute, let us know!
Whether it be a translation mistake or a missed pop culture reference, there's bound to be times when we make mistakes. We want to bring you the most accurate translations possible, so If you spot something that's incorrect, please do let us know and we'll fix it! On a similar note, while posting in the community is limited to translators, if you happen across something that seems relevant to the community and you think should be posted, let us know. We'll take a look and post it if it seems like something that would add to the community!

4) Participate and have fun!
While it's certainly always nice to get comments and know your work is appreciated, more than that, it's also fun to see what you guys think about Zero's (often totally hilarious) tweets, so please do comment ! It's just plain more fun when everyone participates. And on that note, we started this community so that non-Japanese speaking mania too could share in the hilariousness of keeping up with Zero's latest social networking obsession, so we really hope that you all have fun and enjoy reading the tweets!

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